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1997 Avionics Conference and Exhibition - Conference Proceedings, Heathrow, 19-20 December 1997

Author: Multiple authors

These proceedings give a comprehensive view of the major technical changes and issues affecting 'customers', airframe manufacturers and their suppliers.

The papers under Project updates looked at; future offensive air system - avionic requirements, new integrated avionics architecture for the next generation Airbus 'the A3XX', and the UK Apache. What the 'customer' wants studied; the 'partnership' approach to development, a maintenance-free operating period, and avionics systems certification - the authority's needs. Software trends covered; towards a scheduling and timing analysis solution for integrated modular avionic systems, open systems Ada technology demonstration program, and software techniques for IMA - system management, system security and blueprints. Digital networks included; ATM for the digital battlespace, emerging opportunities for applying COTS optoelectronics in avionics fibre-optic networks, and ATM for legacy aircraft avionics. Displays examined; visor projected helmet mounted displays technology and applications, integrated instrument displays for helicopters, and common type qualification (CTQ) for the DASH 8Q S400.

Life-cycle management discussed; commercial components - commercial problems, life-cycle support in a commercial world, and cosmic radiation effects on avionics. The more-electric aircraft covered; future trends in aircraft electrical systems, more-electric aircraft power generation requirement impacts, and more-electric engines for more-electric aircraft. Digital communications included; digital signal processing (DSP) radios: trends, benefits and challenges, plans for testing and validation of the next-generation VHF digital air/ground communications system by the US FAA, and application of software radio techniques for airborne passenger telephony and future ATC communication systems. Systems dealt with; EFCS - demonstration of a new electronic flight control system, exploiting the potential of integrated modular avionics, open systems in the US Department of Defense: three years of progress, and ground zero zero: flying into the next millennium with embedded systems.

Supplementary papers looked at; human machine interface deployment through code generation techniques, an ergonomics assessment of GPS receivers, integrated voice/data communications in the VHF band using digital techniques, and sensor fusion effectiveness and system life-cycle management. A delegates list and exhibitor details are also included. The event was organised in association with the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Report no: 97-0819
Author: Multiple authors
ISBN: 0-7008-6474
Pages: 410